Gay adult male Here, there and everywhere. Roleplaying my life in a virtual world as it may have been in the real world.
Dynamic Worldz 2 Birthday
Dec 05 2020 11:20am PST
Real Life Picture

Real Life
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is
Sandbox 2 1x1 - 4 hour auto return
This land is for the building and crafting use by our residents of DW2 only. No residents from any other grid will be able to reach this land. 4 hour auto return on all items is set

Bird Of Paradise Island
Everyone welcome, swimwear and naked area

Dynamic Worldz 2 Citizens
This is the official Dynamic Worldz group. For all grid notices, development, public events and news. While you dont have to belong to this group, it is here to keep you informed on all GRID related matters and social events. This group is ONLY for Dynamic Worldz Citizens all non local accounts will be removed from the group. HG visitors are welcome to join our Events Group. Thanks

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