living one day a time , enjoying building , decoraing and friendsJust know that I am a human being, not a cartoon charactar. Drama averse.you know who you stay away@!
Dynamic Worldz 2 Birthday
Apr 06 2020 2:59am PDT
Real Life Picture

Real Life
I REBUKE ! NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER I REBUKE IT !Am older than I appear in open sim. or sl But Trust me ' young at heart so ask me no question tell me no Lie Friendly loveable , Kick ass and take Number Im here to have fun .
my sister my friend My family
A friend and family she been all this to me and much more. She stood for what is Right in ths world and she love the people that she thought was her friends but she would not let you talk down to her or miss Treat her or the people are around her . her wish for every women in the world was to be strong and fight your rights . and drama stop life is to short as she would say .Learn to live together or Move on laugh a little she said I do not have time for this foolish . she had a good Life and was welcome to Most Grid and would leave the ones where Foolish and drama start. and Laugh again these peole have no Ideal who they are messing with .Love you alway Carissa / SpoilDiva .

Peace Faith friendship
The evil spirit and devil, has left . No more foolish Just fun build party ,and design , There is a quite Moment and Joy spead out threw the world .

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Memorial Gardens
This group is for all contributors and builders of Memorial Gardens

Nevada City
Westentown bang bang Get Free home to live in and great Place too Play .for famly and friends Join the Goup click the free rental box and Just follow the rules . S & M CONDO spaces that suit your style Front Condo In Nevada Beach

t.F.I IS EVENT GROUP FOR The Fall Isle please join and keep up with new of event and event as they happen . Enjoy your game world and have fun

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