, Venusdesign

Recent arrival into Dynamicz 2, was lucky enough to find a a beautiful sexy woman called Rose Roxx who became my wife on Oct

I usually pop on weekdays around 6 to 6:30 SLT (PDT) and sometimes stay afk during the day. If I'm not already on AFK, I als

Married My Love Jim Blessed 3-11-2019

=) - Please understand that i dont type much --) i will reply asap i can via im or note. ..::Chris CreationZ::.. . in

Hello!..friendly soul send an IM ;-) BEFORE your friend request!! love to build create almost anything and will help you if

Owner of Dynamic Worldz 1 & 2 grids Serving DW since 2014 and other grids since 2006 . I'm online

The virus was spreading fast ,people were acting insane we ahd no choice but to flee new york . some time in the night our

Im Earl...and Im weird...that is all

here to design and build...... make friends . single lady in all worlds...... not into random sex or married men. love music.

My Partner in Life in the real world and in my Virtual worlds is WartHog Dolphin He is my moon and stars, without him I am no

Estou feliz, Em paz comigo, Com a vida; Nao permito Que destruam

not new, dw moved to dw 2 so new not new nu nee nu glue.