To be what we are is the true reward in life.

, Venusdesign

Prefer Role Play, but RL talk is ok too in RP Anne is very shy Shape shifter: Sometimes a Granny, Most times the Mother

Recent arrival into Dynamicz 2, was lucky enough to find a a beautiful sexy woman called Rose Roxx who became my wife on Oct

I usually pop on weekdays around 6 to 6:30 SLT (PDT) and sometimes stay afk during the day. If I'm not already on AFK, I als

Sendo a felicidade divina para todos nos, assim o meu coraƧao se sente feliz, tendo amor e paz

Married My Love Jim Blessed 3-11-2019

due to healthissues, its possible i cannot reply on certain days-weeks-times, thankyou for email :

Hello!..friendly soul send an IM ;-) BEFORE your friend request!! love to build create almost anything and will help you if